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Liverpool Archdiocesan Synod Research Phase

Information For Participants


Outline of the research

In 2020 the Archdiocese of Liverpool will hold a Synod. In preparation for that event, it is seeking to consult as many people as possible about their experience of life today, their understanding of the part the Church could play in our world, and the questions that should be discussed at the Synod. The Archdiocese has asked Liverpool Hope to help with this consultation. The survey remains open until 30th June 2019.


Who are the researchers?

Name: Rev Dr Peter McGrail and Dr Michael Miller

Institution: Liverpool Hope University

Should you wish to ask any questions about this survey, please contact the researchers via email:

What will my participation in the research involve?

You will complete an on-line questionnaire at a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.


How long will the survey take to complete?

You might expect to spend 15 minutes completing it, but for some this will be less and for some more.


Will there be any benefits to me to taking part?

Yes, you will help to prepare for the Archdiocesan Synod that will be held in 2020.


Will there be any risks to me in taking part?



What happens if I decide that I don’t want to take part during the actual research study, or decide that the information given should not be used?

You have a choice whether or not to take part in the research study, and will be asked to state your consent at the start of the Questionnaire. You will also be invited to enter a reference code of your choice. This should not be your date of birth, your postcode or a banking PIN. If you complete the questionnaire and then before the end of July 2019 decide that you do not wish your data to be used, please email the researchers and state your reference code. None of your data will then be used.


How will the results be accessible?

The data collected will be written up in a report presented to the Archdiocese, which will be published on the Synod 2020 website. Some information will also be published in academic journal articles.


How will you ensure that my contribution is anonymous?

You will not be asked to declare your name, address, or the name of your parish.

Your responses to the questionnaire will be held securely within the JISC OnLine software behind a Liverpool Hope University log in and password controls. Analysis of your responses will be held securely on University Servers and in password-protected folders on the researcher’s computers, which are themselves password and firewall-secured. All data will be deleted at the end of July 2023.


Please note that your confidentiality and anonymity cannot be assured if, during the research, it comes to light that you are involved in illegal or harmful behaviours that we may need to disclose to the appropriate authorities.


If during the course of completing this questionnaire you find yourself engaging with issues that you would like to discuss in confidence with an expert, the safeguarding pages of the Archdicoesan website contain useful contacts.